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low friction bearings

low friction bearings
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Pelamis’ first wave energy converter (P1) was a simpler design with separated hinged joints. Although this arrangement allowed useful working space between the axes, it had to carry high transferred loads and was unable to manage the combined motions needed for the P2 configuration. Also, the bearings themselves were relatively Low friction bearings, affecting efficiency.

Are you aware there are different types of bearings? It's true. You'll find most of these types in your car's various systems. See, the word "bearing" usually refers to a component that reduces friction. However, different types of machinery require different types of bearings. One of these bearings is the Low friction bearings. Unlike antifriction bearings, friction bearings don't have sliding nor moving parts. Rather, this type of bearing has a fixed, non-moving surface. It's also typically made up of machined-metal or pressed-in bushing. Now when it comes to your car, this fag bearing's soft consistency prevents foreign matter from spreading in the engine. 

But how can you secure a spinning shaft? In the early days, up to 14 large metal collars containing 'thrust bearings' were placed along the propeller shaft to attach it to the hull. Unfortunately these overheated because of friction between the shaft, the bearing and the collar.

The bearing's advantages of small size, low friction and long life were particularly important for the new turbine powered ships, and the war saw a huge increase in the number of ships using Michell bearings. Since then, they have become the standard koyo bearing used on turbine shafts in ships and power plants everywhere.

Eco-friendliness is a modern way to describe any equipment that makes the attempt to leave the environment untouched or unharmed. In regard to commercial vehicles, it can be an innovative mechanical feature that is trying to cut fuel consumption, decrease carbon dioxide emission and significantly improve overall engine performance. Carbon dioxide emissions have drastically increased due to human activity. In response to this environmental problem, the automotive industry and some engineering companies have designed and introduced eco-friendly utility equipment such as hybrid vehicles. These innovative vehicles can lead the way in terms of cost-effectiveness with the contribution to the cause of lower oil consumption and longer vehicle mileage.

"low friction bearings"  were created to withstand high loads, help to save fuel, offer optimum shock resistance and smooth operation, be stable and be easy to maintain. SKF is the largest manufacturer of these rolling-element devices in the world and continuously produces efficient designs with superior quality products that will not compromise environmental sustainability.

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