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rod end bearings

rod end bearings
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SRG offers a wide range of Spherco? rod end types and sizes including rod ends with brass race inserts in standard precision and high capacity designs; high strength two piece designs and self-lubricating rod ends with engineered thermoplastic races or Teflon liners with a wide range of optional features such as lubrication fittings, left hand threads, and keyway slots bearings.

SRG uses a wide variety of designs and materials to offer a comprehensive line of spherical bearings. Standard Spherco? Spherical Bearing designs include steel on steel precision spherical bearings with brass race inserts, high capacity and self-lubricating spherical bearings with Teflon? liners. Amont the special bearings offerd is the BTS LS Series, a bellows-type bearing design

An inner bush or ball is generally made from hardened chrome steel, pivots and tilts within a spherical cavity (the cage or outer ring). These two parts form a bearing that is held in a support structure, a rod body, or housing. The support will have either threaded rod (the male support) or a hollow tapped shank (the female support) enabling users to attach the bearing component to its assembly. The bearing may also be cylindrical (like a ball bearing), thus allowing users to insert it into their assembly.The body of spherical skf bearings manufactured by Schaublin SA can be made from various materials: standard steel, high grade steel, stainless steel, titanium or aluminium.The internal surface of the cage, or outer ring, which goes onto the inner bush is made of bronze (and will be lubricated) or self-lubricating material (PTFE). 

Rod ends are available in right or left hand thread, male or female design.  Shank (thread) and eye (bore) diameters listed apply to most types in the tables.  Spherical bearings are also listed.  Other dimensions/size ranges/liner types may vary between manufacturers.The numbering system usually identifies the construction, basic size, thread type (male/female - left/right hand) and whether imperial (inch), or metric (mm).

Capacities listed by manufacturers are not necessarily relative to each other, as no uniform standart exists to determine these.  In general, the industrial grade rod ends listed herein can be grouped as having similar capacities.  For heavy duty applications please refer to the iko bearings which are more suitable for higher loading and shocking applications (eg racing car suspension).  For applications of a difficult nature please consult our technical department.

Most industrial rod ends are available in a studded design as shown with either male or female body design.  Studs are male right hand, and of the same thread form and diameter as the shank.  Dimensions P & K are listed in the viewing tables.  Ordering example - VMS 8 (Bronze lined male right hand with 1/2" UNF stud).SRG Bearings' comprehensive Rod Ends Catalog (Rod End Bearings Catalog) contains detailed specifications and 3D CAD models for 164 different rod ends (rod end bearings) in 2 categories.  The online rod ends catalog is simply organized by rod end types.

SRG rod end bearings can also be used without any problems in a tough environment. The bearings are corrosion-resistant in moist or wet areas and are resistant to weak acids and alkalis. The application temperatures range from -30 to +80 °C. Noteworthy is the insensitivity to dirt and dust.In case of misuse or crash of the system, igubal? products CL DT can be found quickly through their detectable materials. Even the smallest fractions are thus detected using commercially available metal detection systems.

SRG rod end bearings take high forces in normal ambient temperatures, have excellent dampening properties and weigh only a fifth of the conventional metallic bearing housing. 
In particular cases the load carrying capacity of the rod end bearings should be checked in a practical trial especially with high constant loads and at higher temperatures. 

Rotary motions of the mounted shaft take place directly in the bearing ball made of iglidur? W300. The advantage of this plastic/steel plain bearing is that high speeds can be achieved in dry operation. Taking the radial loads into account, maximum surface speeds up to 0.5 m/s rotating can be attained. The maintenance-free igubal? [rod end bearings]  casually permit linear and oscillating movements of the shaft. 

BRING SKF ALS 20            (2 1/2 X 5 X 15/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 22            (2 3/4 X 5 1/4 X 15/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 24            (3 X 5 3/4 X 11/16) 

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