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ceramic ball bearings

ceramic ball bearings
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A cup and cone hub makes use of ball bearings and allows you to easily adjust bearing tension, unlike most sealed bearing hubs that don't allow for any adjustment. They consist of the "cup" that acts as the bearing's outer race, which is pressed into the hub shell and not replaceable, and the "cone" that serves as the inner race and threads onto the axle. The hub bearings, which are usually 1/4" in rear hubs and 3/16" in front hubs, spin between the cup and cone. Bearing tension is adjusted be threading the cone down on the axle, and then locking its position in place with the locknut (a spacer between the cone and locknut allows you to tighten the two against each other easily). Front cup and cone hubs are usually symmetrical, although the hub will be offset slightly to compensate for its rotor disc rotor mounting. Rear hubs use a freehub (the clutch mechanism that allows you to coast) and the driveside cone and locknut can be found set within, sometimes hidden from view.

Plastic bearings are available in standard inch and metric sizes. Plastic race bearings can be made in special sizes and types in small and large quantities. Plastic radial ball skf bearings offer many advantages over standard steel bearings.

New plastic plain ball bearings from Quality Bearing & Components - QBC feature glass or stainless steel balls arranged in single and double row construction. Identified as the BBPRIX-... and BBPRIXM... Series, they are stocked in both inch and metric sizes. They are designed to fit shafts ranging from 3/16" to 1" (5 mm to 25 mm) diameters. Their dynamic load ratings range from 17 lbs. to 127 lbs. (58 N to 565 N). QBC's ceramic ball bearings are excellent for washdown, and corrosive environments. These bearings incorporate acetal raceways. These economically priced plastic bearings are widely used for light-duty applications.

We have  in stock: miniature bearings, plastic bearings, rod end bearings, spherical bearings, pillow blocks, sintered bronze bushings, radial ball bearings, thrust bearings & washers, sleeve bearings, needle bearings, inner races, roller clutches, guide wheels & rail systems, linear ball bearings, inner and outer ring spacers and shafting. QBC stocks both inch and metric sizes. Our eStore allows you to check price and availability, place an order or request a quote anytime. QBC also provides custom-made iko bearings and shafting to the customer print. We also offer on-site relubing of bearings in a certified class 1000 clean room.

SRG ceramic ball bearings open new fields of application for plastic bearings. The inner and outer races are made from high-performance iglide? materials. The corrosion-free balls are made from stainless steel. Glass balls are also available for maximum corrosion resistance.

SRG [ceramic ball bearings]  made from the A500 material are temperature resistant up to 302° F, while those made from the B180 material are designed for temperatures up to 176° F.

BRING SKF ALS 15            (1 7/8 X 4 X 13/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 16            (2 X 4 X 13/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 18            (2 1/4 X 4 1/2 X 7/8) 

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