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low friction bearings

low friction bearings
Author :Admin | Publish Date:2013-06-19 11:49:05
SKF deep groove ball bearings with low-friction seals, designation suffixes RSL, 2RSL or RZ, 2RZ, are manufactured in three designs depending on bearing series and size 
bearings in the 60, 62, and 63 series up to 25 mm outside diameter are equipped with RSL seals to design 
bearings in the 60, 62, and 63 series from 25 mm and up to and including 52 mm outside diameter are equipped with RSL seals to design 
other bearings have RZ-seals 

The seals form an extremely narrow gap with the cylindrical surface of the inner ring shoulder or recess profile and are practically non-contacting. Because of this, bearings fitted with "low friction bearings"  seals can be operated at the same high speeds as bearings with Z shields, but with improved seal performance.The low-friction seals are made of oil and wear-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) with a sheet steel reinforcement. The permissible operating temperature range for these seals is –40 to +100 °C and up to +120 °C for brief periods.

Eco-friendliness is a modern way to describe any equipment that makes the attempt to leave the environment untouched or unharmed. In regard to commercial vehicles, it can be an innovative mechanical feature that is trying to cut fuel consumption, decrease carbon dioxide emission and significantly improve overall engine performance. Carbon dioxide emissions have drastically increased due to human activity. In response to this ina bearings environmental problem, the automotive industry and some engineering companies have designed and introduced eco-friendly utility equipment such as hybrid vehicles. These innovative vehicles can lead the way in terms of cost-effectiveness with the contribution to the cause of lower oil consumption and longer vehicle mileage.

Along with this timely innovation is the development of new types of products that could market hybrid trucks in the global arena. Along these lines, low friction wheel bearings were brought into existence by a Swedish company known as SKF (AB SKF), that patented a multi-row self-aligning radial ball rolling-element in 1907 and went on to found Volvo AB in 1926.

Low friction wheel fag bearings were created to withstand high loads, help to save fuel, offer optimum shock resistance and smooth operation, be stable and be easy to maintain. SKF is the largest manufacturer of these rolling-element devices in the world and continuously produces efficient designs with superior quality products that will not compromise environmental sustainability.

Revolutionary technological advancements in this field have included the creation of various low-friction wheel bearings, consisting of X-tracker hub units, turbocharger units, rotor positioning units and sensor units used for electric motors.

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