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lazy susan bearings

lazy susan bearings
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A lazy Susan not only serves as an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen table, it also makes items in the back corner of a counter or cabinet more accessible. But the best thing about a lazy Susan is how easy they are to make — all you need are a couple of basic tools, some wood and a lazy Susan bearing. Lowe's is happy to provide this information as a service to you. 

These new subtle bearings are made to be used in displays and cabinetry when an inconspicuous bearing is necessary.Traditional lazy susan bearings are manufactured from galvanized steel. The noticeable silver sheen from a conventional bearing is decreased by using a black painted bearing. Designed especially for the display industry, these black turntable fag bearings add an overall “finished” look to any project or application from tabletop video poker machines to any retail display. 

Triangle Manufacturing pairs creative engineering, technical know-how and advanced automation to produce high-quality, economically-priced bearings, motor mounts, linkages, oil cups, shaft collars, lazy susan bearings and specialty products.Around the globe, customers in automotive, cabinetry, display, hardware, HVAC, manufacturing, and solar markets turn to Triangle for economically priced, high-quality products.

Lazy Susan bearing can be installed in low-speed applications that you rotate a tray, desk, cabinet and also exhibit unit. One side of the bearing connects to a base. The other side connects to your rotating platform. When the base is fixed, Lazy Susan bearings enable the tray, cabinet, desk, or display unit to rotate a total 360 degrees. Parts consist of inner and outer rims, a ball bearing competition, dimples, and pads. Applications for Lazy Susan bearing involve cabinets, laboratory cabinets, and repair facilities or workshops. Larger, motor-operated rotating platforms are classified as turntable bearings.

Lazy Susan bearings are created from corrosion-resistant materials for example galvanized steel or zinc-plated precious metals. They may be sq. or round of form and made to proceed smoothly on ball bearings. Product specifications with regard to Lazy Susan bearings consist of size, center-hole diameter, affordable balanced load capacity, indicated turntable approximate diameter, usual carton quantity, price, shipping weight per carton, and part number. Generally, dimensions for Lazy Susan koyo bearings are marketed in inches or fractions of inches. Sizes differ from 3 to 12 inches including 4, 6 and 9-inch goods. Metric Lazy Susan bearings might also be obtainable.

Installing and maintaining Lazy Susan bearings is often a multi-step process. Once the base plate is marked for blind fastening, holes are drilled for screws. Generally, the screws should be bigger than the holes. Screw length and countersink depth might also be necessary to take into consideration, as overly-long screws are able to stop proper plate move. To make sure proper rotation, Lazy Susan bearing also needs lubrication. To guard the bearings and races from saw dust, dirt, paint as well as other contaminants, periodic cleaning are generally necesary.

Lazy Susan bearings have a base plate plus a top plate. Larger items are used on speed nuts, components that are created to slip over the holes and supply the standard thread proportions. Besides speed nuts with regard to Lazy Susan bearings, suppliers may possibly offer you relevant solutions such side or center flange, cushion mounted, clamshell installed or pedestal mounted bearings. Suppliers of [lazy susan bearings]  have a various standard products and offer customer support and installation and maintenance.

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